Tenegen Learning Resources Repository

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   This is  a proposal for the repository of learning resources that should be implemented for the Tenegen community.The repository is based on the Freeloms platform we developed in the context of the Sloop project. The main features of the repository are listed: 

  1. The Tenegen repository will allow users of the Tenegen portal to get access to the repository directly from Moodle.
  2. Downloading a resource from the repository and using it in a Moodle-based course: users can select resources stored in the repository and publish them in their Moodle course by using the usual Moodle interface; in other words, they will upload a file in Moodle as usual, but instead of accessing their file system, they will be accessing the Tenegen repository.
  3. Uploading a resource in the Tenegen repository: whenever a user will upload a resource form his/her file system to the Moodle course, the resource will be automatically uploaded into the Tenegen repository, so that it will become available to the Tenegen teachers community
  4. Whole Moodle courses (and not simple the contents) could be shared buy using similar mechanisms
  5. Search mechanism: it will be possible to search resources in the Tenegen repository by using the usual Moodle search mechanism
  6. Metadata: we should decide which model of metadata we want to implement for our project. In the Sloop project, we worked with the IEEE LOM model; it turned out to be quite complicated for teachers to use them; somehow, we should think to something easier, maybe we should look at existing application profiles. Suggestions are warmly welcome
  7. Automatic mechanisms to create SCORM-compliant resources. We have some doubts about the implementation of this mechanism for the Tenegen community. The Tenegen repository will allow users to upload all type of digital contents, including SCORM compliant ones. Nevertheless, we would avoid developing specific mechanism to enable users to create SCORM learning objects, since it could be extremely difficult to activate these mechanisms directly from the Moodle interface, and we risk to make the Moodle interface less usable as it is now.
  8. Direct access to the Tenegen repository could be given in order to enable more functions.

Please, all of you are invited to comment about this proposal.