April 2009

Gen X

These articles are in an eight part series by Don Tapscott, published on businessweek.com at the end of last year.

Net Geners Come of Age

How digital Technology has changed the Brain

Net Gen Transforms Marketing

How To Hire The Net Generation

How to Teach and Manage Generation Net

Supervising Net Gen

Focus on the Net Gen Family

The Net Generation Takes the Lead

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Dear Partners!

We planned to organize the second project meeting in June 2009. in Italy. At present I received an information from Giovanni (CNR), that this month is a problem for them, and the same is true for the first week of July. I am waiting for your suggestions. As regards Prompt, we are working all summer, we are open to put the meeting to the second week of July. What do you think? 

On the second meeting we expect all of the developer partners (CNR of course, ISERG, CAPDM, DEKRA, PROMPT).

The main topics of the meeting should be:

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