Project plan

  • WP0 - The AIM of the WP0 is to ensure the undisturbed collaboration and communication among the partners, to create an adquate background to the project development, and to assure the appropriate quality of project outcomes.

  • WP1 - The AIM of WP1 is to define the working flow in TENEGEN, considering all the pedagogical, technological, collaborative networking points of view based on the need analysis of the target groups. The output of WP1 should serve as a reliable and usable basis of the development, covering the pedagogical, cognitive and cultural aspects of quality of e-learning.

  • WP2 - The AIM of WP2 is to plan the Hungarian adaptation of SLOOP concept, and elaborate the system plan of TenLOs application.

    The owner of SLOOP (Sharing Learning Object in an Open Perspective) project, CNR (IT), will present all the theoretical and practical outcomes of the project. Based on the presentation, after having read all SLOOP studies, and tested SLOOP application, the Consortium will investigate the possible ways of the adaptation. As the SLOOP application was developed in 2005, we decided to use a more advanced software technology.

    The representatives of the target group (Hungarian teachers of VET schools) will be strongly involved in the planning phase, to control and validate the conception worked out by the developer partners.

  • WP3 - The AIM of WP3 is to develop the learning material of the teacher training program "E-learning-the school of the future" based on the system design worked out in WP1 and WP2, taking into consideration the results of the needs analysis of the target group.

    We are going to:

    1) Authoring and translating the content in five modules:

    - E-learning - the school of the future (PROMPT)

    - Network learning on web 2.0 (ISERG)

    - SLOOP (Pierfranco Ravotto, CNR)

    - From the synopsis to the eletronic learning material (PROMPT)


    2) Translate the e-learning material (EN, HU, TR)

    3) Proofreading

    4) Publish the course book

  • WP4 -  The AIM of WP4 is to develop TENEGEN VLE platform of teachers learning, researching, collaborating, being connected. In this phase we implement the TENEGEN - Moodle learning enviroment. One of the main tasks is to develop the relational database of TENEGEN's freeLOs, and the SW application with comfortable functionality to search, edit and append learning objects defined by SCORM metadata.

    We are going to:

    1) Constructing and testing TENEGEN multilingual e-learning enviroment in the open source Moodle LMS, LCMS.

    2) Implement TENEGEN version of SLOOP freeLOs RDB as application - developed in object oriented developing enviroment.

    3) Implement the electronic version of learning content into TENEGEN in English and in the languages of the partner countries.

    4) Validation of the implementation against the common standards, proof readings.

  • WP5 - The AIM of WP5 is to establish a pilot course for VET teachers and trainers in the partner countries (HU, TR, DE). WE want to prove by the pilot, that the VET teachers can be connected, if the learning enviroment meets their requirements, if the content is professional, if tutoring provides real collaboration, and if their creativity is encouraged.

    We are going to:

    1) Set up an instructor's guide

    2) Set up a learner's guide

    3) Recruitment, registration, set up learning groups, serve course information

    4) Carry out the training for tutors (14 tutors: 10 from HU, 2 from DE, 2 from TR)

  • WP6 - The WP6 will be the first valorisation of the TENEGEN development. The teachers, having finished the course "E-learning - the school of future" will try out their self developed e-learning unit (which corresponds to one traditional class), by blended methods with their pupils.

    We are going to:

    1) Implement the Moodle LMS / in every Hungarian VET school partners, in West Hungarian University, in 2 Turkish VET schools, in 2 German VET schools.)

    2) The teachers implement their own Moodle course in the platform and load up their self developed unit.

    3) The teachers evaluate in their experiencies, processing the feedbacks from pupils/students.

    4) The leadership of the school summarizes the teacher's report, in which they formulate the conception: how they will utilize the results, how they plan to integrate in their pedagogical program.

  • WP7 - The AIM of WP7 is to control the project's processes, to verify and validate all of project results. The procedures will be carried on at all crucial points of the developments, and at the 2 milestones. In this work we involve all partners and the representatives of the primary and secondary target groups (teachers, trainers, pupils, students, leaderships of VET schools) and will be controlled by the P4, DEKRA, and crucial partner is CAPDM.

    Our taks is to create:

    1) Evaluations of WPs

    2) Evaluation  of the planning phase

    3) Evaluation of the Pilot I.

    4) Evaluation of Pilot II.

    5) Overall evaluation of TENEGEN results.

  • WP8 -  The AIM of WP8 is the exploitation of the results at national and european level. We catch all possible forums. The dissemination activities begin when the project starts and we will continue throughout the project period.

    We are going to:

    1) Elaborate dissemination plan and strategy

    2) Work out the standards of TENEGEN publications and presentations

    3) Work out an review the short and long description concept of TENEGEN

    4) Work out the valorisation plan involving the VET school partners



You can find out more about our project plan in the attached spreadsheet file below.

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