Project meeting for VET partners

It is a subjective report of the meeting for VET school partners.

It was a useful meeting because we could talk about a number of things. Perhaps, the more important result of the meeting is the VET shool partners will be more active participant in the project.
There was an interesting discussion at the end of the meeting, but we couldn't discuss it well. I think we're going to discuss it in a forum in this portal.

In the near future I'm going to achieve some ideas:

  • start a new forum topic about form of a virtual learning environment
    • partly affect the constructivism pedagogy model
    • collect my presentations and useful things in the net
    • the form and range is pending
  • description of eXe
    • it is a favourite of the Italian partners but not without a reason because it is a quite well e-learning authoring tool
    • the range of the description is pending
  • description of the RELOAD Editor (undecided)
    • it is my favourite e-learning authoring tool :-)
    • it seem to be a quite difficult editor because you have to know more about SCORM or LOM


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