Tenegen's Pedagogical Model

 Dear Partner,

The first version of Tenegen's Pedagogical Model is uploaded into the portal documents' library. You find all the uploaded documents here, but I attached it also to this post too.

The aim of TPM to see Tenegen course as a whole, but the uploaded version is not completed, and the final version will be created if all of you agree with its content, and the developer partners make all corrections they want to carry on in their part. 

One of the most important part is missing: the elements of the assessments (tasks, activities, etc)  we plane for the participants in the modules. All of the assessment  elements must scaffold the last project tasks of the teachers: design, create,implement the Moodle course, run with their students in the school, and evaluate it at two level ( teacher and organization) level. We had to define all subtasks so that when they will implement the course in Moodle, they should be able to use theirs earlier products. The course must be an integration of their earlier works.

Please comment the TPM, and make the modification in your part if needed. After that - having formulate our commons regarding the whole course - we can finalize the module descriptions.


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